lacy baby blanket and Fair Isle booties

lacy baby blanket and Fair Isle booties



Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Writing February 2009

I have to admit I don't write every day-it's true. Sunday I had the chance to sit down at the computer to write uninterrupted-instead the hubby and I watched movies while I knitted. (more of that later) For those interested my article on Greg Guirard-Preserve Cajun Heritage-in the February 2009 issue of Acadiana Lifestyle came out great thanks to fabulous editor Cheryl Robichaux! If you have a chance to pick up a copy I hope you enjoy the magazine-it is a great publication-filled with lots of useful information and great articles.

I need to write and submit before March 15th my column for Acadiana Moms. I am debating topics-as usual-but you can count on family being featured. 008 Magazine asked me to write about indoor set up trends for 2009-now I am inspired to do a little interior decorating! Look for the March/April issue. And if you are interested in recipes for your favorite poochie pooh-check out the mag's Rrrecipe section especially for pets!

On another note-I have been procrastinating-I really need to try to write on a subject/topic not assigned-and submit to other (major) magazines. I am getting better because I have pitched ideas to my local editors that they have accepted, but I have not ventured beyond my comfort zone. Thanks to the girls-yes that's you-Rhegan and Mindy-who stepped up to bat with article topic ideas. Ok-Mindy-the "let me go ask my aunt what she thinks," might not count. Needless to say-the brain waves just started working one day-and I saw article possibilities everywhere! (Or maybe I just woke up when the coffee kicked in) But the article ideas have not left the lists I have compiled! My fault-I am scared. So, if you want to write me words of encouragement to get me going into the big black abyss of freelance writing-outside the state of Louisiana-come on down!

That's all for my writing world-I will interview my mother who is a wealth of knitting, weaving and quilting knowledge and write about her....soon.

To read 008 Magazine go to:

And Acadiana Moms has a great on line forum for moms at:

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  1. Hey! Now why would I say that. I don't listen to what anyone thinks in my family lol j/k. Is that about the boy scouts stuff - I don't know anything about boys - any of them weird creatures.

    Anyway encourage: Lynn, you are a fantastic writer and master of the freelancing world. You are a beautiful person and your brain is spectacular - those ideas are there and all your own - (you don't need to use Rhegan as a crutch, yeah apparently I'm not very up there with the ideas for myself, and you know she is the go-to girl for ideas - she's amazing, huh)...anyway, the ideas are inside of you.

    You can do this. Make the time and write. Try some free writing exercises. Remember your life, the moments, the beauty and put pen to page or fingers to keyboard and let it go. You may be surprised at what you come up with.

    PS. I picked out a book for your "payment" so I should be done before the end of the year. lol

    PSS. WGA meetings are not the same without you; no more missing. Lets go ride around in my new car some weekend (day) so we can "make lists."