lacy baby blanket and Fair Isle booties

lacy baby blanket and Fair Isle booties



Friday, September 7, 2012

9/17/2012: Knitting Should Be Fun!

Hi again,

In my previous blog post I said I'd update my 2012 completed knitting projects. In the knitting community there are many UFO's-no, not the extraterrestrial kind, the UnFinsihed Object kind. I don't like UFO's, they drive me crazy. I'm a frogger instead, no, not someone in a pirogue at night with a light on her hat-I rip the project (rip it, rip it, rip it, rip it-say it really fast and all together-get it?) if it doesn't look like I'll finish knitting it.

2012 Finished Knitting & Crocheted Projects:

(I think it was decided in an earlier blog entry it was OK to say "crochet" on a knitting blog-so I'm running with that idea)

These projects are not in the order completed, because I forgot to document them as I finished. Also, the husband re-set the date and time on my digital camera and all my pictures were deleted as the result. The conversation went something like this: Me: "Where are all my pictures? I had some really good ones of the grandsons. My knitting project pictures were on there! Did you maybe just change the SD card? No?" Husband: "huh?"

Orange garter stitch neck roll pillow
Beret using Classic Elite yarn in blue
Pink and white stripe fingerless gloves using Knit.1 free pattern on : fingerless wristlets (Thanks Ms. Ethel)
Ribbed shawl with cabled edge trim using Classic Worsted by Universal Yarn Inc. in dark brown
Manitoba Slippers-pattern from Interweave Knits-Holiday Gifts 2011-using Universal Yarn Classic Shades in blue and purple tones
V-Stitch baby blanket crocheted in white, Bernat Baby Sport yarn using free pattern #70118AD from
Afghan stitch baby blanket using Bernat Baby Coordinates, color: sherbet sorbet
Finished Enterlac scarf-whoo hoo!
Turban'd ribbed headband using a leftover skein of dark brown yarn from the ribbed shawl. This is a free pattern from , published in Vogue Knitting's Fall 2012 magazine.

Knitting Should be Fun

Ok-now that all that is out of the way-let's talk about how knitting is fun. It's a creative outlet, it's relaxing and also productive. You are making something with sticks and yarn and it’s cheaper than therapy! Don’t get bogged down and frustrated because a project is not turning out like you thought it would-maybe it’s just not the right time for this particular project. Knitting should be fun. You can always put a project aside (UFO!) and come back to it later. Sometimes it’s just as fun to knit something simple. The more you knit you’ll discover “your own comfort” knitting. Mine is knitting ribbing-I like the calm and repetitive K2 P2 or something similar compared to a YO (yarn over) project where I have to think more.

I’m also spending my time writing. When you have the chance, pick up the latest issue of Acadiana Lifestyle Magazine, (September 2012) it’s the Football Preview 2012 issue-hey, you can knit while watching the games! The issue is chock-full of lots of other good stuff, too. Check out my article: ”Celebrate the Good Life-Fall Festivals, Boat Races, Historic Homes and Arts & Crafts.” Or go on-line:
 I also wrote the Hunting Guide for the September/October 2012 issue of 008 Magazine, as well as other articles in the issue. Pick up your copy at a local retailer or go on-line: to read about all the cool stuff happening in Acadiana.

Until next time-Happy Knitting