lacy baby blanket and Fair Isle booties

lacy baby blanket and Fair Isle booties



Saturday, February 2, 2013

Lists: Keeping Track

February 2, 2013
Big surprise-I’m a list maker. I have a list for everything from the proverbial grocery list to home improvement projects. Written on paper of course, not kept in my cell phone like my daughter. (how does she do that?) I stopped making New Year’s resolution years ago- instead I write a list of “things to do” and line through each as completed- I also change the year at the top of the list because everything does NOT get done each year. No wonder, when going through my knitting bag, I found lists, yes, that’s plural, of knitting projects. It’s a little strange to look back at those lists now and see what I’ve knitted, what I wanted to knit, and of course, what I have NOT knit. (Will there ever be enough time?... sigh)

Recently my son started a PINTEREST account for me-I just consider it another large list-my version of the electronic kind-I have recipes, crafts, books and of course- knitting patterns and tips, pinned to my account. And it’s so easy to “pin” and keep track of your favorite things in one place. ( remember my many lists?) I’ve recently pinned several free shawl patterns from:

Besides lists I also keep a book journal, a knitting journal (with lists of knitting books, things to do-aka knit. And recipes-LOL) I did mention my knitting group likes to talk and eat didn’t I? I’ll try to incorporate some of our favorite recipes on this blog soon….hmmm…would I then have to change the name to Writing, Knitting and Cooking in South Louisiana? LOL Oh right, I try not to cook any more!

In addition to all the aforementioned lists and journals, not to mention a not often enough updated blog, I also have a “scrapbookish art journal.” (I forgot what it’s really called.) This is getting a bit overwhelming, don’t you think? In this journal I write and paste in favorite things such as pictures, sayings and more. Here’s one tidbit from this journal thingy: “Happiness is not a station you arrive at, but a manner of traveling.” Margaret Lee Runbeck

On the subject of writing-it’s Mardi Gras season and I wrote the Mardi Gras Guide, and a few other articles, for the Feb/Mar issue of 008 Magazine, slated to hit the stands any day now-hurry to get your copy before they’re all gone. And as always, you can read the current issue, as well as back issues, on-line at: February also brings a new issue of Acadiana Lifestyle Magazine and an article I wrote titled: The Tortoise Ranch, a fun and informative piece, also available on the publication’s web site at:

Until next time, Happy Knitting

P.s. I’m going to now organize a small knitting bag to include a sock project, a Norwegian snowflake patterned headband project (already on the needles), and a crocheted shawl pattern named Magnolia, (how fitting for South Louisiana!) a free pattern from Classic Elite Yarns.