lacy baby blanket and Fair Isle booties

lacy baby blanket and Fair Isle booties



Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I have a KNITTING JOURNAL-and I write in it as often as I blog...Ah ha you say...that often, huh? So, right now I am looking thru my journal to refresh my memory. Since finishing the lacy baby blanket ( a friend has since advised on how to post non-gigantic pictures, hopefully some of those little bitty pics will follow) I have finished other small knitting projects-Whoo Hoo! Remember those gloves? Well, they are just a memory, because I ripped them! That's me, the expert frogger. I couldn't help it! Those tiny bamboo needles were poking so forlornly out of my knitting bag...I knew I wasn't going to finish them. And when I took a KNOTTY glove class at The House of Yarn in Broussard, Louisiana, I knew the first pair of gloves were history.

I probably, more than likely, pretty sure, have said I have an aversion to multiple projects. OK-I have to take that back. If I turn around now I would be looking at my knitting bag with not one, but two on-going knitting projects! ( one more at home) And two more project bags awaiting a start in my large knitting tote-which by the way- the husband says weighs a ton as he hefted it out of the car last night. Oh, and before I forget-the Knotty gloves were done on the magic loop-and I like it!

Projects completed: (not in order)

1. Knotty gloves in Happy Feet yarn by the Plymouth Yarn Co. in a smoky blue
2. Ribbed fingerless gloves using Brown Sheep Nature Spun worsted weight in Bordeaux ( I love Brown sheep yarn!)
3. Baby pink eyelash yarn boa scarf ( the yarn was a yard sale find)
4. Red heart scarf using color 39 red by Sierra
5. Knitting for the troops: One black helmet liner-using Cascade superwash
6.) Self-striping socks that my daughter claimed right off the needles
7.) Wam Bam Thank You Lamb chunky cowl ( using Lion Brand Chunky yarn in black-gave to same daughter who stole socks....hmmm....

On the needles:

1.) Using gray Baby Alpaca in worsted weight: fingerless gloves in the pattern TOASTY (
2.) Toe up, two at a time socks, knitting using the magic loop-and Sockin' Sox yarn in blue and grays by Plymouth Yarn
3.) a KAL at The Vermilion Bay Yarn Company using the Scalloped Shells pattern from the Book: Ocean Breezes-knitted scarves inspired by the sea By: Sheryl Thies.

Well, that's not too bad now that I see it in writing-I think it's the projects that are lined up like little soldiers waiting their turn that might be what's making me feel a tad bit overwhelmed:

1.) Purple and gold yarn for a pair of LSU spiral socks (see previous post with note on being a hopeless sock knitter)
2) Cream colored Cascade yarn for the Martha Stewart Knitted Neck Scarf (
3) A green on green ear flap hat for son in law using Cascade yarn and the THORPE earflap pattern (also from

Last but not least: Never leave home without your knitting bag! ( I did once-and it wasn't good) tote that tote with you-you never know when you'll get a knitting moment. And thanks to Amy at The House of Yarn and all my new knitting friends-2010 IS the year I'll become a better knitter.

Next time I'll report in on some charity knitting The House of Yarn is participating in...


I thought for awhile that I might be in a writing slump-I had alot of self doubt and thought about giving it up-then the writing assignments poured in! My doubt all started when my February submission to Acadiana Moms wasn't in the issue, and I didn't know why. But it popped up in the March issue-it is titled The Blue Bird of Happiness. I sent in my column for their April issue about Surviving an Empty Nest-pick up a copy to see how I coped!

Acadiana Lifesyle Magazine editor Cheryl made me feel better without even knowing she was helping when she called my ad writing for their March progress report section "poetry." She's such a peach! Check out the publication at: It's a great magazine chock full of good articles and information. I have a CPR article coming out in the April issue and for May Cheryl was nice enough to ask me to write a piece on Moms with Special Kids-be on the look out.

Sevie, my editor at 008 Magazine, asked if I'd become a feature writer for them. I've been writing for them for a couple of years now-and of course I agreed! I wrote about Doggie Dental Care and the Golf Digest for the March/April issue. The piece I finished on grass-yes, I said grass, as in your front lawn, will appear in the May/June issue along with a Horse feature and a neat new sports gadget piece ( my lips are sealed-you'll have to pick up an issue to find out what it is!) and the latest in pets-Toads and frogs-of the mini kind! Visit to read on-line these articles and lots more good stuff!

Happy writing